What I Do - Avocations

Aviation has been an interest since my first flight with Dr. Majewski when in high school. This has led to a Commercial, Instrument pilot rating. The aircraft I fly most often is a turbo-charged Cessna TU206.
Amateur Radio
Amateur radio has been an interest since Mr. Verb Hicks first showed me his old MARS station many years ago. I did not follow through with getting the licenses until much older. The station license is the Amateur Extra with call NM0D.

Being raised in an area where outdoors was a big part of life, led to my interest in enjoying nature. We are developing an environmental research preserve. This involves determining the best methods for stewardship of the land.
A technical curiosity has spawned an interest in research into how things work. This has led to numerous papers and books. Topics range from technical issues to human relationships to theology. Check out the books. Fortunately this blends well with our business and university activities.

Commercial Pilot

Wanting freedom and financial stability led me to be an independent business owner.

A mentor is critical for your success as an entrepreneur.