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An individual who is living in the USA, but is not a citizen can be licensed as an  amateur (ham) radio operator. If you have a social security number that is all you need. If not, before applying to take the exam, the following steps should be taken to obtain a FCC Registration Number (FRN).

Each applicant that is not a US Citizen, should go to the FCC CORES website
Register in their system as a "Foreigner" to obtain a FRN. 

When you get to the Social Security Number field, you are going to register as "foreign".  Once you have completed the registration, the system will give you a FRN number which will need to be included on the application in the SSN Box. 

The Volunteer Examination Coordinator (VEC) will not need the password for the FRN.  That is to be kept by the applicant.

The VEC will key in the application using the FRN instead of a SSN.  Please make sure that you do not obtain more than one FRN.

If you need further assistance contact:
Tracy Lewis - K5GTP

The link to FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS) website to view your license:


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