Superb.org reflects our sceince, research, and failure analysis interests. These range from energy systems to cosmological, biological, and archaeological investigations. The principal is a scientist entrepreneur with two PhD degrees and is a professor emeritus. The site is a family of related business that address a wide variety of leadership and development, technical, and educational enterprises. We will work to solve any business need you have, through our network of professionals. If we do not have a colleague that provides the service you need, we will find one.





Grounding, lightning & protection  (www.SurgeSolution.com)
The designers are the leading authors on the topics of grounding, protection, and surge solutions. They have published many research and application works that are referenced around the world.


Research  (www.DrMod.com)
The professor is engaged in research and teaching at the University level. He has been recognized in Who's Who of American Teachers and numerous other Who's Who.



Avocations are closely related to the various business interests. These include commercial instrument pilot, amateur extra class ham radio operator, environmental research preserve ranch, and research for books and papers.

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  Grounding Vessels  
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  Lightning, Grounding  
  Transient Suppression  
  Power System Design  
  Electric Magnetic Biologic  

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