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Selected papers by the principals were previously published in engineering journals and records. 

What to Do When Things Go Wrong - An Ethical Solution  
History and Development of IEEE Standards for Downhole Cable  
Data Quality and Grounding in Mixed Use Facilities  
Cathodic Protection Consequences and Standards  
Electric Submersible Pump Grounding  
Covering All the Bases - Industrial Power System Design in a Utility Environment  
TVSS Designs  
Applications Engineering Approach to Maxwell  
Ground Systems Design Considerations for Vessels  
Electric Re-regulation Impact  
Changing Paradigms for Engineering PPT
Grounding System Design for Isolated Locations and Plant Systems  
Lightning, Grounding, and Protection for Control Systems  

Field Test Technology Relationships to Cable Quality

Safe Work Practices: A Real World Implementation  
A Universal Svstems Model Incorporating Electrical, Magnetic, and Biological Relationships  
Correlations of Submersible Cable Performance to Neher-McGrath Ampacity Calculations  
Motor Design Slip Performance on Cyclic Loads  
NEC Article 725 - Cost Effective Control Wiring  
Effect of Cyclic Loading on Motor Efficiency  

Lightning Damage - An Act of God or Act of Negligence  
The Flat Earth Society Perception of Grounding  
An Engineering Selection for Size of Long Conductors Considering Factors in Addition to NEC  
Compendium of Electric Submersible Pump Testing Criteria  
Can Electrical Insulation and Conductor Performance Be Predicted? PPT
Wire Sizing Calculations PPT
Engineering Management-A Course for Survival PPT
A Microprocessor Design Course That Integrates Hardware, Software, and Team Research  
A Senior Design Course That Simulates an Industrial Engineering Environment  
Harmonic Impact on Power System Design  

For a complete list of published works, refer to the profile of the principal.


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Papers On-Line

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